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Mad hatter x oc part 2
      I Jumped off the table,Into a seat beside ,Tarrant Hightopp, [yes i'm using the name from one of the movies] my hatter. His eyes showed dis belief as he poured me a cup of tea and handed my green/brown marble back to me.
      "Look, I'm really sorry and i can't believe i said that to Alice its just the looks she'd been giving me and it seemed like when she got back and all," I was babbling, and tearing up again. "It just like she expected us all to step out of her way a-and I shouldn't had reacted to you keeping things from me to protect me li-" he cut me off.
      "No. Stop right there. she forgives you and so do I. Alice has been coming back almost every two years and saw what was wrong with how she acted." He said, raising his pitch and voice the way he always did when cheering me up. "Why were you crying... before?"
      I told him about how everyone betrayed me, and that my parents were to drunk or high to notice
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New Girl Chapter 6
Lightling and I patrolled part of the sky above Europe, and Africa. North reported to me that he was doing russia and north america, While Jack was doing South America and Australia. Sandy and pitch went to make sure Diseasior wasn't messing with dreams. ooth started helping Jack, and from what I've seen, She went with him MOSTLY to get closer, because she definately had a crush.
[yes. i am putting these pairings together. note that sandman looks 21, and is slimmer than in the movie. Pitch is usually wearing a sweater (black) with grey accents and his over cloak, boot-cut jeans, and epic ass boots.]
I headed back, But Lightning saw something deep brown-green swiftly go to Australia. We headed that way.
"Nope it was just "mundy" 's shirt. how did you even get that nickname anyway girl! damn!" Lightning said scoffing playfully.
"Shut up i thought you actually saw something!" I Grumbled, playing with him.
"Lets just get outta here kay?"
"Fine." i replied, ruffling my wings and taking off,
:iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 2 0
New Girl Chapter 5
"oh my!" Tooth gased, breaking me out of my trance. I turned around,Still in My brother's arms.
"What? Just beacuse he's your enemy doesn't make him mine. I mean,He's my Brother for shizling-bolts sake!" I said, quite angered at the look of shock,anger, deciet, and betrayal across their faces.
"U-u-um... no...?" Bunny lets out nervously, noticing my slight anger. 'Hah!'
As soon as I thought that I thought of his past he said little about, just that it was painful and he didn't want to say more.
"Good" I said happily, not letting anyone else talk before I dragged Bunny by his fur along the collar bone, and Pitch by his black sweater collar to the couch. I made Pitch sit down on the far left side with Bunny to his right, then sat on my brother's lap, with my legs over my crush's.
"Tainted... you know I heard your thoughts right then..." Pitch whispered in my ear.
"Ssshhh!" I playfully said at him.
"This is akward..." Bunny scratched the back of his head, elbowing bubba.
"Shut up egg-aroo
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Shattered remains
Hey Father?
Am I at Fault for What you have done?
is it my birth that has unleashed your rage and carelessness?
Even though i'm in a better place now?!
I still ponder the question
And should I Not, Its not like you've been there for me anyway.
And for what...?
Father How can i help if you're never around OR have never been around?
And so i-
This being said...
i bid you farewell... forever
For all there is left...
is my shattered remains
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zebranana by kittykatluvur777 zebranana :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 2 2
Mature content
new girl chapter 4 :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 3 15
apprentices edit x-mas base by kittykatluvur777 apprentices edit x-mas base :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 7 22 OMEGA OC by kittykatluvur777 OMEGA OC :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 3 7
Mature content
sesshy x reader 3 :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 10 15
waking up base edit by kittykatluvur777 waking up base edit :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 0 0 neko hoodie base edit by kittykatluvur777 neko hoodie base edit :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 2 10
mad hatter x oc part 1
      "What?" I asked Softly, tears welling uo in my eyes.
      "I played you. Too easy if ya ask me," my bo- ex said matter of factly."You fell hard and fast."
       "No..." I whispered, running back to my van. The laughter behind me was unbearable, i could hear my "best Friend"s laughter mixed in.
      I got in and drove until i got to the park, and climbed into the back after locking the doors and rolling up windows. i grabbed my Duffel bag, got out my dress, my leggings, my boots, a few hair-ties, and my hat. I got dressed in my leggings (gray),my dress (gray/black),  and hat (purple with chain).I laced up my boots, shoving my old clothes and shoes into my bag. I took the hat off to pull my long blond hair into a side ponytail, then put it back on.
      I grabbed my duffel bag to check for everything.
-two knives
-a few spare clothes-check
-colorful umbrella-check
-glass marbles (like the shooters) -check
-markers (skinny)-check
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my hat by kittykatluvur777 my hat :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 0 2 mad hatter oc outfit + hair by kittykatluvur777 mad hatter oc outfit + hair :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 3 6
new girl chapter 3
"Shit," I whispered.
As soon as the words left my mouth Bunny rush over. "Are you okay?" he inquired.
"Yeah, yeah, just stop pissing yourself and help me up," I replied, looking around me. Elves were running around as Yeti's were painting toys and putting them together.
He chuckled and lifted me out of Frost's lap, which arose the question, "Why the hell was Bunny flipping shits and Princess Frostina holding me?" Hah! New nickname for Jack.
North clicked his tongue, "Language Stor-"
I cut him off Before he could call me Stormie. "Stormie was the name he gave me, before he killed me. It kinda sprang up during torture. So that's a no on calling me th't hea. Gots it, mates?!" I accidenlty added several 'S's and used an accent which thickened. Was that Australian? I don't care, really.
"Oi! Don't make fun o' me!" Bunny shot. Yeah, that was an accent that came outta my mouth.
"I'm not Cottontail! It just came out." I said, apology dripping from my voice.
Tooth and North acted like this was
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random painting by kittykatluvur777 random painting :iconkittykatluvur777:kittykatluvur777 0 0


Masky x Reader -- Rain Part One


Never in your life had you ever seen it rain so much. It seemed that over the past week that the rain had continued nonstop. By now you were certain that even the trees were beginning to drown. You might as well be in Forks Washington at this point. Next thing you know, Edward Cullen might appear at your door step.
As of late, you hadn't left the house hardly at all. Maybe once or twice to get the mail or something, but other than that you had become the definition of hermit. Your roommate, Elinore, was tired of your lazy butt sitting around all day and staring out the window. She wasn't one to usually pry on your business, or force you into things, but even she was becoming a bit worried for your health. After all, it can't be good for the body to just sit around all day, especially when you didn't even really eat much either. It was making for a rather unhealthy twenty-year-old.
"Would you
:iconxx-schizophernia-xx:xx-schizophernia-xx 149 47
Walking. A noise. I turn. Nothing.
Nothing behind me. I walk again, then look down. A shadow, of a tall tall man, and tenticle like shadows behind him. He puts a hand on my shoulder, his mouth parting into a gooey demise of teeth. He won't hurt me. He's always there. No one believes me when I talk about him. A tall man, very tall, with no face. I never hear him, but he's here. When I walk in my neighborhood. It's dark and gloomy, storm clouds coming and the kids all inside, fearing the storm. The woods blow with eerie winds. They say something lives there, so old and so ancient. I walk alone, sometimes slow on my road. I look at the grey skies, and the dark forest. I feel someone behind me. I turn. Nothing there.
But there is something.
He's there. The Man.
He watches me, over me. He's my guardian in the Dark.
He looks harmful, and silent, and very mysterious.
People don't understand him. I understand.
He's lonely, always rejected, always regarded as weird, and not to be trusted.
:iconlinkofskyloft17:LinkofSkyloft17 1,968 300
Bruce x Reader Chapter 3
A/N: Chapter three! Thank you all for the comments, the favs and watches. It still needs a proper title though so any suggestions you have as we go along I'm happy to hear them.
You had been doing all your work around the castle for hours while listening to the Beatles singing away and filling the castle with their music. You had even gone into the castle's library and reread your favourite book -(Favourite book)- after all your work and after changing into fresh cloths -a high necked white blouse tucked into a long brown skirt with brown boots- but even that didn't pass much of your time.
So you had taken to heading up the staircase in the library to the upper library, walked past all of the bookcases filled with many colourful books then walked out of the upper library. You walked past the stone spiral staircase leading down into the grand hall and the lower bedroom, past the steps to the chapel, then the stairs to your room, the balcony overlooking the grand hall and the st
:iconangel-heart279:Angel-Heart279 25 2
Frosting (ThorxReader) One-Shot
A wonderful smell filled the Tower from the twentieth floor you were working in almost all the way to the top. You were in the kitchen doing some baking since you were bored out of your mind. You were listening to your favorite song, dancing to the beat and singing out the lyrics on the top of your lungs. You honestly didn’t care if you looked like a crazed woman since you were alone on this floor. Or at least, you hoped that you were alone.
So far you had made sugar cookies, cake pops, and you were now working on the batter for a vanilla sponge cake. You were mixing the bowl in your hands, looking at the recipe book and occasionally changing some things to make the recipe have a more personal touch.
You were so engrossed in your recipe book that you didn’t notice Thor standing behind you with a curious look in his eyes. The smell of the delicious food attracted him to the kitchen and more importantly, attracted him to you. Ever since Thor had left Jane, he had begun to loo
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daydream by vyxe daydream :iconvyxe:vyxe 480 62 menacante by vyxe menacante :iconvyxe:vyxe 310 58 psyche by vyxe psyche :iconvyxe:vyxe 143 18 saeglopur by vyxe saeglopur :iconvyxe:vyxe 292 47 And while the ocean blooms by vyxe And while the ocean blooms :iconvyxe:vyxe 766 156
Violent Lovers(Jeff The Killer love story, Chpt 1)
I walked, my feet dragging along the cement. My joints burned, my eyes drooped, my mouth was dry. Worst of all, I could taste that horrible, metallic taste in my mouth. 
It hurt. Everything hurt. My eyes burned from crying. Crimson blood stained my jacket, pants, hands, and sneakers. I felt disgusted in myself. How could I do such things? I 
just killed. ..I .. killed..
I heard someone shuffling their feet on the cement up ahead, and insane laughter. Who could be up at this ungodly hour? I stopped caring quickly, and walked. I felt exhausted. I reeked of blood and sweat. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go back, I had just killed someone. The dagger rest on my pocket. What do I do now? Just wonder the streets and forests for the rest of my new, miserable life? I felt empty, emotionless, like a shell of girl who used to be. 
"Please, Sally, stop! No, stop, what are you doing?! Don't! Please, put the weapon down! I love you! I love - " 

:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 97 38
Chapter 1 Part 1
‎"The Forst"
Chapter 1 Part 1
"A chance encounter"
The scene opens up to thunder booming in the dark gloomy sky. A Storm roles threw the night. Lightning can be seen in the clouds flashing. Rain is falling hard, and the lightning reflects of small puddles of water. Footsteps of someone running are heard and a girl runs threw the puddle and ripples go threw it. Angry voices are heard behind her and soon step threw the same puddle. The view goes to behind the tree line and the figure of the girl can be seen as she runs behind trees and shrubs. she slips on the wet ground and slides down a hill and into a shrub and disappears into it. the voices of anrgy men spread threw out the area.
Voices: "Where'd she go?! Find her!"
The voices of the angry men wounder away and soon are gone. The rain continues to fall relentlessly and tunder booms loudly over head. Then, from the shrub the girl fell in, a voice is heard and the shrub moves a little.
Girl: "Ugh.."
The girl holds her ankle and lets
:iconmarcussonn:MarcusSonn 2 13
Lol, I don't like him.. Not at all! by Firefliy Lol, I don't like him.. Not at all! :iconfirefliy:Firefliy 4 8 Rivalry by Ruby--Art Rivalry :iconruby--art:Ruby--Art 600 59 Hope - IA Vocaloid by SonikoArt Hope - IA Vocaloid :iconsonikoart:SonikoArt 9 0


when i saw this i thought: oh my goddess this is fucking amaZING!!!! i like the way yuh layered the colors and stuff i can;t imagine ho...




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